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heart unseensynopsisAs a stunningly attractive man and the owner of a successful chain of auto repair garages, Trevor is used to attention, adoration, and getting what he wants. What he wants tends to be passionate, no-strings-attached flings with men he meets in clubs. He doesn’t expect anything different when he sets his sights on James. Imagine his surprise when the charm that normally brings men to their knees fails to impress. Trevor will need to drop the routine and connect with James on a meaningful level. He starts by offering to take James home, instead of James riding home with his intoxicated friend.

For James, losing his sight at a young age meant limited opportunities for social interaction. Spending most of his time working at a school for the blind has left him unfamiliar with Trevor’s world, but James has fought hard for his independence, and he knows what he wants. Right now, that means stepping outside his comfort zone and into Trevor’s heart.

Trevor is also open to exploring real love and commitment for a change, but before he can be the man James needs him to be, he’ll have to deal with the pain of his past.

Title: Heart Unseen
Author: Andrew Grey
Release Date: April 7, 2017
Category: Contemporary
Pages: 200


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Andrew, I love your stories! You have a little bit of everything in your arsenal. I’m such a sucker for your stories that I don’t even care what they’re about before I one click them or if I’m lucky, get to ARC them, like I did this one. It was no different. It reminded me of a cross between NR Walkers- Blind Faith series and your Senses series. It was just as sweet and comforting and a little sad but hopeful.

In this one, we have James, who is blind since he was about 10 years old. He has an overbearing mother but the most amazing sister and brother in law, who is raising the most amazing, adorable child, Zach, who loves his Uncle Jimmy. He’s gotten used to life as a visually impaired man and he’s living his life as independently as he can. Having recently lost his longtime service dog, he’s still doing great on his own. Unfortunately, being blind, it’s easier, I would think to be taken advantage of, and he was, thanks to a guy that his mother set him up with a while ago. You’d think he has a hard time trusting again, since the guy was a GRADE A A-HOLE… and he was, y’all, you’ll see for yourself. He makes an appearance in this story a time or two; but not enough to be truly angsty.

Then we have Trevor… I will be the first to admit, I thought Trevor was a giant D bag in the beginning. He was a player, plain a simple. Didn’t “do relationships” and was only good for a one nightery. You know how it goes… He wasn’t mean or jerky, I wouldn’t say that, he’s just hurting from something that we don’t understand until way, way, way later in the book… Almost til the end, so don’t expect to understand him straight way. It’s easy to fall for him though, he finds himself unexpectedly attracted to James. He’s patient and kind; he understands James’ limitations and strives to pull him out of his comfort zone, but in a respectable way, and James has such a good time with Trevor. He see’s James for the person that he is, inside and doesn’t see his disability as a hindrance at all. Yes, things are different and they might take a special kind of care, but it isn’t a bad thing. It’s not a burden….and because of the ex, and a lot of times his mother… that’s exactly what James felt like. My heart really broke for him, at times.

Through getting to know one another, after meeting at a club, Trevor was amazing with James, and James really took to Trevor. It was like the trust was immediate and he became smitten rather quickly. Trevor deserved it though. There was once or twice I doubted, but I shouldn’t have. He was so good for James. I also loved Trevors friend Brent… I hope he finds someone and we get to see it. I also felt for his other friend, Dean, but I’m not so sure of him. I felt sorry for him for a minute but then didn’t care much for him towards the end. At least he had his dad, Brent and a slew of loyal workers there for him. Even if one of them did screw him over, pretty good. More than once and often.

The whole story wasn’t angsty, which I love and we get a lot of closure by the end. I won’t go into detail and ruin it for everyone, but I will tell you that you’ll fall in love with these characters and you’ll love them so much for how much they love each other. I feel like they needed each other and came for each other at the exact time that they shoulda. I adored every part of it and the ending was as sweet and comforting as I could’ve hoped. Don’t pass this one up. It’s so heartwarming and sweet. Just like all of Andrew Grey reads. Read it! You won’t be sorry!

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  1. ButtonsMom2003 says:

    I enjoyed this review a lot and I love Andrew Grey’s books.

  2. Marinieves Cordero - Guzman says:

    Great review! can’t wait to read it!

  3. Purple Reader says:

    Thanks for the post and good review. I’ve enjoyed a number of Grey’s modern westerns, but haven’t ventured beyond that. This sounds like it’d be a good one to start with.