Love and Snowball Fights by J.R. Loveless: Quick Review



Lane Freeman supposed there were worse places to be dumped than a place named Christmas Valley. After being ejected from the foster care system, he spent the past five years hitchhiking and moving around. But six months of a steady job at Tal’s Bar and Grill, an apartment, and even a three-legged cat have him almost ready to risk putting down a few roots when Tal’s brother comes home for the holidays.

Dallas firefighter Trey Jenkins reluctantly accepts that Lane isn’t like the other drifters who’ve come through his brother’s place. A fragile attraction begins to bloom between them in spite of the many reasons they each have to fight it. Trey wants to give Lane a family, but experience has taught Lane to depend on no one but himself. Will winter love burn hot in the town called Christmas Valley or will Lane return to his wandering ways?

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deanna review

I really enjoyed this one, J R Loveless is a new author to me and I wasn’t disappointed.

Lane is extremely shy, almost painfully so. His parents died when he was 15 and he bounced around from foster home to foster home until he was 18. Then he roamed from place to place never allowing anyone close, until he lands in Christmas Valley.

Lane starts working at a restaurant as a bus boy and slowly the owner, Tal earns his trust. Then Lane finds a cat and before you know it, he’s put down some roots. He’s still extremely quiet and uncomfortable around strangers, but he’s taking care of himself.

Then Lane meets Trey, Tal’s brother who can only be described as rude. Trey is so used to Tal being taken in by a sad story and then being hurt when someone steals from him that he assumes Lane is doing the same thing. Without giving Lane a chance, Trey warns him about hurting Tal. Lane is so upset by the confrontation that he begins planning his escape from Christmas Valley and Trey.

Tal finally corners Trey and explains just how bad a life Lane had before coming to Christmas Valley. The story has Trey looking at Lane in a new light and he knows he has to do everything he can to repair the tenuous relationship he has with the skittish man.

As the two work together in the restaurant, Lane becomes more comfortable in Trey’s presence. A huge snowstorm leaves Lane and Trey snowed in together and Lane realizes that he’s fighting a losing battle trying to keep him feelings for Trey at bay. Trey only has until the snow melts to prove to Lane that he’s worth the gamble.

Great holiday read. I love stories with strong characters that don’t realize how strong they are. Lane is as strong as they come, but he didn’t realize it about himself. Trey may be physically stronger, but Lane is an emotional fortress.

If ever there was someone that deserved a happily ever after its Lane. I. So glad he got it.

J R Loveless is a new author to me, but I am definitely going to read a few more. Very enjoyable story, great scenery and characters.

4 pieces of eye candy


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Add Love and Mix by Sean Michael: Quick Review

513ixfwi0jlsynopsisFirefighter Jason “Jase” Weller and EMT Scott Bronson are living the perfect life. They work together in jobs they love, they live together, and in their downtime, they still can’t get enough of each other. It’s been six amazing years. Then on Christmas Eve, Jase’s former lover Elsa shows up with a six-year-old girl in tow. The strung-out junkie claims Kerry is Jase’s daughter and it’s his turn to care for her, and then she walks out.

Shocked at both the fact that Elsa is now a junkie and that he has a daughter he never knew about, Jase nonetheless steps up to the plate as her father and Scott offers his full support. Having an instant family comes with plenty of challenges, and the two men work to deal with sweeping changes in their lives and to make things right for Kerry.

It’s not going to be easy, and their new circumstances test them and their relationship like nothing ever has. They’ll need all the love they have for each other, and the love they discover for their daughter, to keep from breaking apart.

Title: Add Love and Mix
Author: Sean Michael
Release Date: December 26, 2016
Category: Contemporary, Holiday
Pages: 206

I love Sean Michael’s way he writes about daddies and mannies and cute kids that you can’t help but fall in love with. This one was no different.
Jase and Scott have been partners for the last six years. They work together as emergency responders, Jase a firefighter and Scott an EMT, at the same firehouse; working the same shifts and being content just the two of them, happy, together and in love. Everything was perfect for them.
Then, an ex of Jase’s stops by and drops a huge surprise in his lap, in the form of an abused and mistreated daughter; Kerry. Her mother was awful, treated her so badly, it was heartbreaking. She spoke to her and about her in the worst way and it showed in everything Kerry done. Jase had no idea she even existed or he would have done all he could to save her, and jeeeez, had it been me, it would have weighed heavily on me, all the years that she’d been mistreated. It was incredibly sad.

Together though, Scott and Jase tried to give her normal and happy. They worked therselved to the bone to do right by her and to get her to understand that they loved her and that they weren’t going to do anything to hurt her or leave her like her mother did. Half of me expected the whole time for her mother to come back and try to get her back to sell her or something, but thankfully; she doesn’t.
It’s tough though, the guys are doing everything that they can to do what they need to do to ensure that this little girl is taken care of and safe and Scott starts to feel a little cornered, a little but like he’s doing all this stuff because he has to and I hated to see that. I could see where he was coming from especially about the marriage and the proposal at first. That would have hurt my feelings so bad. I could see where he’d feel like, just someone fitted in just because things needed to be done. That wasn’t the way it was, by no means; you can tell how much these two love each other throughout the whole thing, their chemistry and adoration they showed was apparent, but I could see where it might feel like that, due to the circumstance and timing of everything.

So, it wasn’t an easy road. Things got pretty hard for a while, luckily, they both had amazing, supportive, helpful parents who were there to help at every turn. Everyone pitched in and helped and loved Kerry the minute they met her and it didn’t take long for Kerry to turn into a happy, healthy little girl with two loving daddies and some amazing grandparents; even if she did take things out on Scott for a time. That was hard to read too, I hated it for him, especially because he had done so much and sacrificed and turned his life upside down to do everything he could for her and Jase and I’m sure it would have felt like a slap in the face.

In the end though, it all worked out. Love usually does, in the end, doesn’t it? It was an incredibly sweet, low angst, happily ended story and I wouldn’t mind reading more about this couple and their sweet little girl if another one were to happen to come out lol, but if not, it ended perfectly happy and I was pleased with the way it turned out for them.

If you like hot guys with cute kids…. Check this one out, this author does them best!

4 pieces of eye candy, from me!


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Limitless by SJD Peterson: Exclusive Excerpt (NSFW), Release Day Review and Giveaway

limitlessfssynopsisEven within the context of the Underground BDSM Club, Joshua’s desires are dark and extreme. Hopelessly addicted to pain and the high it gives him, he has no limits. Joshua would quite literally rather die than use a safeword, and he accepts that might be his fate. As much as he depends on others, he has yet to find a man who can gain his trust, and he has little hope that he ever will.

For Nash, acquiring Joshua from another Dom at the club is only the first step in what will be a long and arduous road to lure the young man back from the brink of self-destruction. He must do the impossible and win Joshua’s trust, and he must be the one to set limits in their exploration—something he’s unaccustomed to as a Dom. But Nash knows dominance doesn’t always mean pushing a submissive’s boundaries. It’s about establishing a bond and fulfilling another man’s needs. In Joshua’s case, he’ll have to strike a balance between meeting the young man’s expectations and drawing firm lines that will save Joshua from himself.

Title: Limitless
Series: An Underground Club Tale: Book Two
Author: SJD Peterson
Release Date: December 2, 2016
Category: Contemporary, BDSM
Pages: 200


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tco exclusive

Excerpt from Limitless (NSFW)

“Good evening, Kirk.” Nash took the seat next to him.

“Hey, Nash. How are you doing tonight? Finding any action that suits you?”

“Not looking for action, only answers.”

Kirk eyed Nash’s drink and then met his gaze. “I never trust the answers I find in booze.”

“Nor do I. Rumor has it you’ve played with Joshua before?”

“Troy’s new boy?” Kirk asked.

Nash nodded and sipped his drink.

“Yeah, I played with him once and that was enough for me.” Kirk looked unnerved as he ran his fingers through his long grayish beard, suddenly looking every bit of his forty-five years. “Trust me, that’s a hornet’s nest you do not want to get tangled up in. That boy is a complete and utter fucking mess.”

Damn, Nash hadn’t expected that type of reaction to the mention of Joshua’s name. Still, he wasn’t deterred, his interest in the submissive all the more piqued. “What do you mean by mess?”

“He has no limits. Like zero fucking limits.”

“That’s impossible. Everyone has their limits.”

“Not Joshua. He’s as bad as a heroin junkie, only his drug of choice is pain. He’s constantly looking for the bigger and better high. He’ll let you kill him before he’ll safeword.”

Nash propped his elbow on the bar and ran his goatee through his thumb and index finger as he considered Kirk’s words. If Joshua were a pain junkie, it could be a whole lot worse than a nest of swarming bugs. A submissive who required that much work wasn’t what Nash was looking to get into. He hadn’t had a full-time sub for many years and wasn’t sure he wanted one. To push a submissive to his limits was one thing, but to try and teach them limits when they had none was a whole other kind of hardship. Did he want to take on such a responsibility? He cut a glance toward Joshua, who was still kneeling at Troy’s feet and still being ignored. Fuck! The way his chest tightened when he looked at the man, Nash already knew the answer. He would do everything in his power to see that Joshua wasn’t abused and that he didn’t suffer one more mark of a Dom gone too far.

Nash picked up his glass and raised it as he stood. “Thank you for the information. I appreciate it.”

“No problem. Seriously, Nash, think about what I said long and hard before you consider playing with that boy. He may not have limits, but I assure you, he will push you to yours.”

paula review

This was a heartwrenching story for me. I felt so much for Joshua. He was so messed up due to his past and didn’t really realize that things could be different. I was rooting for him through the entire story. He tried so hard to feel better but was pretty clueless on how to do that. I fell in love with Nash and his determination to get Joshua to a healthy place in his life. Nash warmed my heart because he cared so much. He was so genuine and caring. This was a great pair. This story drew me in and got me emotionally invested. SJD Peterson did a great job creating characters who showed uncertainty and felt real. The entire store flowed well and kept me interested from start to finish. Nash and Josh were a great pair. Their interactions with each other and their own individual personality was great.

4 pieces of eye candy


meet the author

jSJD Peterson, better known as Jo, hails from Michigan. Not the best place to live for someone who hates the cold and snow. When not reading or writing, Jo can be found close to the heater checking out NHL stats and watching the Red Wings kick a little butt. Can’t cook, misses the clothes hamper nine out of ten tries, but is handy with power tools.




Leave a comment congratulating Jo on her new release, and you can receive an ebook copy from her backlist.


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The Soldati Prince by Charlie Cochet: Blog Tour, Exclusive Guest Post, Review and Giveaway


Character Interview

Hello, all! Thank you so much for joining me for the last stop of The Soldati Prince blog tour. Today we have a special treat. We have Riley Murrough, our Soldati prince, and instead of me asking him a few questions, I decided I’d let Khalon’s best friend and second in command, Rayner, do the honors. Take it away fellas.

Rayner: *waves at Riley* Your highness, I’ll do my best to make this as painless as possible.

Riley: *narrows eyes* I don’t believe you for a second.

Rayner: *laughs* Why don’t we start off with an easy question? Who do you think is more handsome, me or Khalon?

Riley: Who do I think is more of a pain in the ass? The answer would be both. You are definitely both a pain in the ass.

Rayner: *looks amused* That’s not what I asked.

Riley: *arches an eyebrow* Really? Because that’s what I heard.

Rayner: I’ll admit, I can be a challenge, but as far as a pain in your backside, from what I heard coming from your bedchamber the other evening, I would say that Khalon—

Riley: Oh my God, shut up! *goes red in the face*

Rayner: *laughs* Very well. What was the first thought that crossed your mind when you saw Khalon?

Riley: I’m hallucinating.

Rayner: The second?

Riley: That’s a lot of leather.

Rayner: *chuckles* And when you were told who you were?

Riley: What did I think when I was told I was the intended mate and prince of some magical dude who changes into a tiger that lives in another world? Hm, let me think about that. *pretends to think* That someone is out of their damn minds, and it’s probably me. As you will recall, I was a little freaked out.

Rayner: *smiles* Perhaps a tad.

Riley: Sure. If a tad means flipping one’s mind. Then yes, a tad.

Rayner: And at precisely what point did you decide Khalon was not, in fact, a bastard?

Riley: I believe the word you’re looking for is “asshole”, and that took some time. *blushes* I don’t know exactly at what point. There was so much going on, what with the demons out to tear at my mortal flesh and harvest my soul, but at some point I realized that maybe he wasn’t such a jerk. That he was actually a good guy underneath all the growling and scowling.

Rayner: Are all humans that grumpy and inarticulate before coffee?

Riley: Yes. You have your magic, we have ours.

Rayner: *blinks* Coffee is magic?

Riley: Are you kidding? You yourself have witnessed its power to transform a zombie into a functioning human being. *points at himself*

Rayner: *laughs* Of course. And how do you feel about our illustrious king now?

Riley: *blushes* Um, he’s hot. Like, really hot. And his smile is pretty amazing. He’s pretty amazing. *shifts uncomfortably* He’s caring, and gentle, and sexy. Why am I telling you all this? Things are good between us. We’ve been through a lot together, and I’m looking forward to what happens next.

Rayner: As am I. *winks at Riley*

Riley: *rolls his eyes* I should get going.

Rayner: Left Khalon alone in bed, did you?

Riley: *stands up and narrows his eyes at Rayner* You know what, Rayner?

Rayner: Shut up?

Riley: *grumbles under his breath as he stalks away*

Rayner: *laughs* He is almost as easy to wind up as Khalon. *smiles wickedly* Almost.

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Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal Gay Romance, Shifters, Demons
Series: Soldati Hearts
Length: Novella, 97 pages
Published: Nov 23rd, 2016
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
ISBN: 9781634775809

One moment, Riley Murrough is living a normal life working in a coffee shop, and the next, he’s running for his life from demons, learns he bears the mark of a shape-shifter king from a magical realm, and—worst of all—he’s destined to become the mated prince to the arrogant tiger-shifter he would rather strangle.

Khalon, the shifter king, is equally distraught at the idea of being bound to a human prince, and along with his Soldati warriors, he sets out to return Riley to his own world, where he belongs. On their journey, they might discover why the goddess brought them together—if they can escape the demons and make it to her alive.

First Edition short story published as The Soldati Prince in Charmed & Dangerous by JCP Books LLC, 2015. Second Edition has been re-edited and extended to novella length with new content.



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denise review

I’ve always said that it is harder to write a novella than a full length novel. With a novella, the author has to make you care about the characters almost immediately, get to know them, and do all that in a limited amount of works. Charlie Cochet is a master at that, and The Soldati Prince is a perfect example of that.

I really enjoyed the storyline for this novella, even though as I’ve said many times before, I rarely read shifter books. But of course, when it is Charlie, I don’t hesitate. She has made me love shifters so much more than I ever expected (I’ll probably still never be a vampire or werewolf girl, but hey, its a start!), and she did that by creating characters with heart, and soul, and men that may be slightly broken in some way, but are made whole by the finding of their other half.

This novella does all that, and then adds in a ton of humor, which I was not expecting at all! Riley made me laugh out loud more than once. He did not take any crap from Khalon, no matter that he was King or not. The scene at the breakfast table, with the coffee (read it and you will get it) had me laughing and highlighting, and even going right back at the end of the scene and re-reading it. So funny!

These two circle each other, trying to figure out what being a mate with someone they didn’t expect (or even want) actually will mean for them, and its fun to see that Riley is Khalon’s equal in every way, despite Khalon’s best efforts to keep it from being so.

Another winner by Charlie, and of course, leaves me wanting more for a certain second in command. 😉

4.5 pieces of eye candy, for humor alone, not to mention the rest of the story!


meet the author

Charlie_Cochet_by_madison_parker150Charlie Cochet is an author by day and artist by night. Always quick to succumb to the whispers of her wayward muse, no star is out of reach when following her passion. From adventurous agents and sexy shifters, to society gentlemen and hardboiled detectives, there’s bound to be plenty of mischief for her heroes to find themselves in, and plenty of romance, too!

Currently residing in Central Florida, Charlie is at the beck and call of a rascally Doxiepoo bent on world domination. When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found reading, drawing, or watching movies. She runs on coffee, thrives on music, and loves to hear from readers.

Website | THIRDS HQ | Facebook | Facebook Author Page | Twitter | Pinterest | Tumblr | Instagram | Newsletter | DSP |Amazon |Goodreads



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The Little Things by Jay Northcote: Quick Review

little-thingssynopsisThere are lots of things that brighten Joel’s life. His three-year-old daughter, Evie, is one. His close relationship with her mother, his best friend from university, is another. Joel’s boyfriend, Dan, adds spice to his child-free nights, and Joel is pretty happy with how things are.

Then one cold and rainy night, everything changes. Joel’s life is turned upside down when he becomes a full-time dad to Evie, and his previously carefree relationship with Dan cracks under the strain.

Meeting Liam, who acts as if getting hurt isn’t a foregone conclusion, shakes Joel to the core. Their attraction is mutual, and Liam makes no secret of how serious he is about Joel. But Joel is wary. He tells himself he’s keeping Liam at a distance for Evie’s sake, when really he’s protecting his own heart. Taking a chance on this new relationship with Liam may seem a small step—a little thing—but is it one Joel can take after losing so much already?

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Okay, so, first we have Joel; he’s sharing custody with his best friend of their three-year old daughter Evie. Even though he’s young, he’s already well established, he has a career as a teacher, a nice home for his daughter and he’s dating a slightly younger man named Dan. Even though I knew he wouldn’t end up with Dan; I liked the amicable way they ended. It wasn’t bitter and Dan didn’t turn out to be a petty, angry ex that caused problems or anything. He cared a great deal for Joel and Evie both; he was just in a different place in his life than Joel. Where Joel had to grow up quickly and had responsibilities, Dan was still 19, didn’t have kids and wanted to do kid stuff like party and stay out all night having fun….and be with other guys…It wasn’t a big deal, they weren’t exclusive and it wasn’t talked about; but it was sad when they ended because you could tell they really cared for each other. I liked that; well, not that they broke up of course, but that it was mature and amicable.

Then, as we gather from the blurb, Joel’s bestfriend and Evie’s mummy, passes away. I really like how it was perceived by Evie, a three-year old. Death is so hard to explain to a child and while I’ve had to do it myself with my own kids and their Grandma, I used Heaven and Angels and all that as explination; it kind of bothered me that Joel was all …. “She’s dead”….. I mean, she’s three, even if you don’t believe in Heaven and angels and all that, make it a little less blunt for a kid….. I mean, everyone does things differently and I understand that, but I was like… wow… okay….
Still, the way Evie handled it was spot on and I was glad for it.

Okay, so now we get to meet Liam. We run into him a couple times without anything happens; Liam is sweet and understanding, he’s honest and sincere, he was there for Joel when he needed him all of the three times they’d bumped into each other. But the last time, since Joel said he’d broken up with Dan, they agree to meet and hang out. It was slow going because of course Joel has Evie and a fulltime job, but they made it work.

I also didn’t like Joel’s mini freak out that hurt Liam; it was completely unnecessary and random; like, he used the whole thing with Dan and losing Claire, but in the end, he was the one that ended things with Dan and he felt good about it, so why was he so sad about it and freaked out when it came to Liam. I was glad Liam didn’t rush right back into things with him, I’d have wanted to lay more ground rules and be like hey dude, if you mess up again, I won’t be so forgiving….. But, Liam was too understanding for that lol.
Anyway, overall, I really enjoyed this story, I really enjoy Jay’s books and this one was no different; it was sad and sweet and heartbreaking and hopeful. I would definitely recommend it!
4 pieces of eye candy from me!


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The Secrets in my Scowl by A.E. Via: Blog Tour, Teaser and Review


Sparks ignite and tempers flare when a sexy, optimistic wedding planner moves his business in across the hall from a jilted, divorce lawyer’s practice.

“Look smart ass. This is the last time I’m going to remind you about breaking sections of the lease. If there’s a next time, I won’t stop until you and your frilly, white wedding shit is thrown out of here. Do you got it?!”
Wylde looked in Jacob’s pained eyes and answered in his deep voice. “Yeah, counselor. I got it.”

From high school, up until he became a successful attorney Jacob Snowden was convinced that love had it out for him. “Everyone left,” were the words he lived by. His mother, his high school sweetheart, his father, and his fiancé, all left Jacob just when he felt it was safe to let down his guard. Not any longer. Jacob was a determined man, set at keeping people at a distance. If his six foot one, military-made body didn’t scare people off, his permanent scowl surely did. At almost forty, Jacob’s social life was non-existent, but he told himself his work fulfilled him. He helped people get out of their loveless marriages. Jacob Snowden was one of the best divorce lawyers on the east coast and was damn proud of it. So, imagine his disdain when a wedding planner moves into the suite directly adjacent to his… an insanely masculine, male wedding planner.

Wylde Sterling had made quite a name for himself in his hometown of Roanoke, Virginia, working for a wedding planner that catered to the elite. He was known for his charm and impeccable taste. Yep, he was incredible at giving couples the wedding of their dreams. But he wanted nothing more than to plan his own. After striking out in love more times than he cared to admit, Wylde decided to start his own business in a new city, hoping Richmond would give him a fresh start. Things started out wonderfully – until he started to piss off the angry divorce attorney next door.

Wylde could see past Jacob’s mean scowl, knowing there was a reason for it. It was the man’s defense mechanism, his means of keeping people away. Everything in Wylde told him to stay away, but he believed Jacob just needed to meet a man who had been hurt as badly as he had.


Title:  The Secrets in My Scowl

Author A.E. Via


Edited by: Tina Adamski

Cover Artist – Jay Aheer


Release Date: October 28, 2016

This story ends in an HEA and does not end on a cliffhanger.




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I am an enormous fan of this author, ever since I read the Nothing Special series and then Bounty Hunters, I knew she’d forever be a one-click for me. This one’s a bit different and no less amazing.

First, we have Jacob, we start with his POV til about the 8th chapter. He’s very unlucky in love, starting with his parents, then his highschool sweetheart and then his first serious boyfriend after that. His parents were selfish, especially his dad but I understood why his high-school boyfriend couldn’t do the things they promised each other; it would be hard to be in that situation. The next boyfriend Mark; I didn’t trust and didn’t like from the very beginning, he was pushy and somewhat whiney and I was glad to see him go; although I didn’t like in which the manner it happened because it was dishonest and it left Jacob more jaded than he was before. I also didn’t like Reggie-and thought that Mark got everything he had coming to him with all that.

Now, Jacob is the epitome of scowling, cynical, untrusting, and everyone around him seems to suffer those consequences. He’s hard and downright a lot of the time, but it’s to protect himself from getting hurt; I think everyone who’s ever had their heart broken can understand that at least a little bit. Even if they didn’t go to the extreme’s that he did. THEN, something amazing happens….

Wedding planner, Wylde moves his office/wedding planning business right across the hall from his divorce attorney office where he’s known for being a shark… He’s got no time for love and see’s marriages ended daily and he’s amazing at his job because, life has taught him that love is crap. Match made in…. something, I’ll say. Wylde isn’t like the typical stereotyped wedding planner; he’s big, strong and intimidating in his own way; and Jacob is attracted to him immediately, even though he keeps putting his foot in his mouth and showing everyone the seriousness of his scowl; Wylde can see right through him; he knows he’s hurting and he wants to be there for him, all the while being attracted to him as well…. He’s not had the best luck either, having had his heartbroken in a betraying way, he wouldn’t wish the hurt on anyone… he’s a great guy, understanding, patient and very much the calm to Jacob’s attitude. They have a lot in common and after an embarrassing drunken night on Jacob’s part, the two become friends/ friendly/dating.

Wylde is amazing for Jacob, he teaches him to be kinder and more trusting, he gets him to open up to the people in his life who are just waiting to care about him; like his secretaries and assistance at work who also really come through for him in his times of need. There were a couple times that my heart really broke for him and I really wished that he would have been able to get closure with people like his dad, or a better relationship with his mom. But, I’m so glad he made up with his one friend and let other people in. Wylde gave him hope and love and a family that he never had and I was so glad for him. From the time we met Jacob to the time the book ended, it was like meeting three different people; the person he was in the beginning, the person he turned into and then the person that Wylde helped him to become. I was so happy with all of it. It was a hard road and I really wish I could gush and gush for a couple more hours about every nuance of this story, but I don’t want to give toooo many spoilers lol, too many more at least. If you’re a fan of A.E. Via, you will not be disappointed. It was amazing and heartfelt and hopeful and I loved every second of it.


Don’t pass it up! 5 pieces of eye candy from me!


meet the author


ae-author-picA.E. Via is an author in the beautiful gay romance genre and also founder and owner of Via Star Wings Books. Her writing embodies everything from hopelessly romantic to adventure, to scandalous. Her stories often include intriguing edges and twists that take readers to new, thought-provoking depths.

When she’s not clicking away at her laptop, she devotes herself to her family—a husband and four children. Adrienne Via has tons of more stories to tell, but she really would like to hear yours. Via Star Wings Books is currently accepting submissions for established and aspiring LGBTQ authors.

Visit my site to learn more! Go to A.E. Via’s official website  for more detailed information on how to contact her, follow her, or a sneak peak on upcoming work, free reads, VSWB submissions, and where she’ll appear next

Amazon Buy Link:




Author Official Website:

A.E. Blog

Facebook Author Page:

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Masked in Music by Ginger Voight: Quick Review


man playing electrical guitar in black and yellowsynopsis

When a young musician takes his first gig with a hard-partying band in Los Angeles, forbidden sparks fly with the sexy lead singer. It is an attraction they must both fight, especially since their band also includes a violent homophobe just itching for a reason to snap.

Rudy Renfro thought he’d never find anything he loved as much as music. Then he met Tony Rojas, the enticing lead singer of an up-and-coming band in Los Angeles. Tonos de Oro found themselves in need of a guitarist to take them next level. Enter Rudy, who had been playing since he was nine. After ten years of honing his skill, this rocker prodigy has absorbed everything musical simply because it was safer there. He found a mask in the music. Hidden by his guitar, he didn’t have to face the fact that despite being an all-American boy with every known advantage, he was 100-percent, undeniably gay.

Now he’s in a band notorious for being hard-partying hedonists, one of which is a raging homophobe. This spells big trouble for Rudy. The longer he’s around Tony, the harder it is to fight his intense attraction, even when giving into this man and all his confusing, frustrating mixed signals could not only end Rudy’s budding music career… it could threaten his life.

Rudy Renfro comes of age bursting out of the closet and into the spotlight… and it could cost him everything.

Ginger Voight finally brings her trademarked rock and roll angst to an M/M saga sure to blaze right off of the pages. More hot new characters join her growing book universe in a story chock-full of exciting cameos of old favorites, including a finale that threatens to undo every happy ending you’ve read so far.

Intended for readers 18+ for sexual content and violence.

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paula review

This book was brilliant. The cast of characters were extremely well written and the story was told so well. I absolutley loved Rudy. This is really a story about him figuring himself out and finding his place in the world. Traveling this journey with him as he becomes comfortable and confident in himself is beautiful. Learning to stand up for himself and who he is. Learning to demand that he be treated decently and with respect. Finding a “family” in unexpected places. This book made me breathless and left me in awe. The struggle and doubt, that becomes strength and confidence. This is the first MM written by this author and she knocked it out of the park. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

5 pieces of eye candy

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Something in Common by Talia Carmichael: Quick Review



In this collection, explore seven stories of men who don’t think they can possibly be a match… until they discover that sometimes all it takes is a little something in common. From rough starts, to friends hesitating to take that next step, to complete opposites, Talia Carmichael’s series shows the ways that love can conquer many odds.

Cover Artist: Detour, Sparks, Resonate, Irresistible, Trouble, Chances, Magnetism Cover Art: Paul Richmond. Something in Common bundle Cover Design: Paul Richmond.

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Dreamspinner Press


deanna review

I love a long series with a ton of crossover characters and you definitely get that with this series. This series is rich with interesting characters and great backstory.

Detour: Robert is a geeky professor who gets pulled over by the sexy cop Miguel for running a red light. Miguel is instantly intrigued by the professor and sets out to cross paths with the man on numerous occasions. Robert is completely oblivious to the fact that A, Miguel is gay and B, he’s interested in the professor. Apparently subtlety isn’t working and once Miguel hits him over the head with it the sparks fly.

Sparks: Bernie is Robert’s lab assistant and he has formed an unlikely friendship with Tomas, Miguel’s brother. There is quite a big age difference between the two and with Tomas always calling Bernie “Kid” he doesn’t think there will ever be anything romantic between them. After a revelation while out dancing one night, Tomas starts to see Bernie in a new way. Now all he has to do is convince Bernie he doesn’t see him as an obligation.

Resonate: It was not love at first sight for Gerald and Bur. But is Bernie’s brother and a retired rock star. Gerald is a cop that works with Miguel. Gerald has never been attracted to a man before, but there is something about Bur he can’t get out of his mind. But Bur is carrying pain from his past and he isn’t interested in being anyone’s experiment. Gerald will have to use all of his charm to convince Bur to give love a shot.

Irresistible: Harper, Gerald’s best friend is still mourning his dead husband two years later. He’s trying to move past the pain and pick up the pieces. Del is Bur and Bernie’s brother trying to acclimate to raising his two younger brothers on his own. Bur and Bernie are after him to meet new people when his younger brother’s scheming puts him right in Harper’s path. The two form a tentative friendship trying to navigate a relationship together with two young boys.

Trouble: Alex hasn’t dated in the two years since he moved to town. Drowning in a pain he hasn’t shared with anyone, even his best friend Robert. Les, knows just how to push Alex’s buttons to make him crazy. After some time, Alex realizes he enjoys the verbal sparring with Les. After an unorthodox beginning, Les is determined to make Alex his.

Chances: Theron has spent all of his time working on opening Treble Duo, the center the Jenkins brothers have setup to help abused children. He hasn’t had time for anything else until he sees Robert’s brother Aristotle. Aristotle is a mountain of a man and has Theron intrigued. No matter how hard Aristotle resists Theron isn’t letting go of perfection.

Magnetism: Taggart is a cop who works closely with Treble Duo to ensure some cases don’t fall through the cracks. Treble Duo’s head of security Rhodes has peaked his interest. Now, he just has to come up with a plan of attack and reel Rhodes in.

This is going up on my list of all time favorite series. I love the diversity in characters, the unique names and the individual stories. Each story was entertaining in its own way and no two were the same.

You always like some characters more than others and I can’t tell you how happy I was that after everything Harper went through he got a happy ending.

This is the first book I have read by Talia Carmichael, but it won’t be the last. I’m so in love with this group of characters I really hope there are more to come.

5 pieces of eye candy


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Murmuration by TJ KLune: Release Day Review



In the small mountain town of Amorea, it’s stretching toward autumn of 1954. The memories of a world at war are fading in the face of a prosperous future. Doors are left unlocked at night, and neighbors are always there to give each other a helping hand.

The people here know certain things as fact:

Amorea is the best little town there is.

The only good Commie is a dead Commie.

The Women’s Club of Amorea runs the town with an immaculately gloved fist.

And bookstore owner Mike Frazier loves that boy down at the diner, Sean Mellgard. Why they haven’t gotten their acts together is anybody’s guess. It may be the world’s longest courtship, but no one can deny the way they look at each other.

Slow and steady wins the race, or so they say.

But something’s wrong with Mike. He hears voices in his house late at night. There are shadows crawling along the walls, and great clouds of birds overhead that only he can see.
Something’s happening in Amorea. And Mike will do whatever he can to keep the man he loves

Title: Murmuration
Author: TJ Klune
Release Date: October 28, 2016
Category: Science Fiction, Historical: Americas
Pages: 324

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Dreamspinner Press



What the F?

Ok, so…. I’ve read all things T.J. and I’ve cried my eyes out to the point I made myself sick, with Jack and Jackie. I laughed til I made myself sick with “Tell Me It’s Real”… I did a little of both and then ended up smiling til my face hurt with BOTK and I’ve dabbled a little of a little of the in between. I’m not usually a fan of paranormal, I don’t read them, just not my thing, but it doesn’t matter what this author writes, I’ll be reading it.

This one though? This one had me scratching my head, my heart racing, me flippin’ pages like a crazy person and I think a couple times I even loudly said “whaaaaaaaaaaaat”? It was confusing and crazy and romantic and wonderful… it was so many contradictions all in one, I didn’t know what to do with myself at times but to shut up and keep reading. I’d love to go into detail and wax on and on about every little thing I found fascinating about this read, I want to spoil the crap out of it so you can understand my point of view with it all…. I guarantee it that you’ll have a different one, and the next person will have a different one…. That’s why it’s so amazing, in the craziest way… It was a mind-f for sure and I loved every second of it.

In the beginning I wasn’t sure what to think so I was just along for the ride, but every time I kept thinking of putting it down, I thought…. Just one more chapter because I have to see what that was all about… It was like, the movie Pleasantville with a whole lot of Twilight Zone thrown in. I loved how things went back to the days when “courting” was normal and slow and a simple touch or a kiss was thought on for an age before it happened. People were respectable and friendly; and I’ll even admit a bit creepy at times as well. Mike and Sean were perfect for each other; they had a very complimentary way about each other and it was like they fit together; and even though Mike wasn’t good at saying it, it was very much known how much he cared for Sean. I loved it, the way he fought to get back there; what all he had to do to get back there, it made that slow torment of courting worth it; it made me route for them, Mike especially. And that ending…. I found the excitement bubbling up in your throat a real and true thing because I wanted it so bad and I was so scared it was going to be another wake up moment and forget what we were just doing and where we were just at. I would have broken my kindle I think in the rage I would have felt for these fictional characters.

I know I read a lot of chatter about this book; I got hints from the author on facebook and little things here and there… I felt prepared for going into this one with an open mind and a readiness to get in deep into some head tripping… but nay… nay I tell you.. I was not ready.

Do not pass up this book, I dare you to try to explain it once you’re finished…. It will most definitely chew you up and spit you out, and then put you back together again all happy and hopeful. Genius!


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His Premier by Jessie G: Exclusive Guest Post and Excerpt, Blog Tour, Giveaway and Review


Book Title: His Premier

Series: Sizzling Miami Book 6

Author: Jessie G


His PremierFinal


Born into wealth and privilege, Colin Sinclair was raised on the knowledge that money could buy anything and everyone had a price. Trouble was no trouble at all, not when the money was there to sweep it under the rug. But those lessons, learned at the knee of his father, were going to be challenged in a way that would change Colin forever.

In middle class suburbia, Arnaud Dechene learned the value of hard work, focus, and dedication to a dream. He was well on his way to achieving it, the role of Premier, when he catches Colin’s eye. Rich snobs didn’t usually do it for him, but there was something about Colin that made him impossible to resist.

Despite being opposites in every way, falling into a relationship was surprisingly—and deceptively—easy, but Arnaud never lost sight of his dream and Colin had trouble accepting that he was second place to anything. When a stupid argument leads to a reckless act, the repercussions leave Arnaud fighting for his life and Colin paying with his own.

With a little meddling from an aging schemer and intentions that are more well-meaning than realistic, their paths will cross again. However, Colin and Arnaud aren’t the same men who loved with abandon. They are older and wiser, with a history that might be too big to overcome.

Fans of the series know revenge is a double-edged sword, forgiveness doesn’t always come easy, and forgetting is damn near impossible. But love…well, that may just conquer all.

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Guest Post


When Denise asked me for an excerpt, she said she wanted a piece from when Colin sees Arnaud for the first time. Then she said ‘I don’t normally like YA, but you made me like it’ and I was like huh? YA, what? I don’t write YA! But, I guess, technically, the first four chapters of His Premier go back ten years when my MC’s were 16 and 17, making those four chapters YA. After that, it’s definitely all adult!

There was a delicate balance that came into play when writing this book. My first draft started in the present and heavily relied on flashbacks, and that just came off as confusing crap when I read it through. So I took most of the flashbacks and fleshed them out into full scenes that became the first four chapters of the book. To me, presenting them whole gives us a glimpse into the motivation behind this second chance romance. What exactly are they fighting for? I thought I knew, but having the full picture helped so much.

Colin and Arnaud’s first meeting was truly a life changing moment for both of them and I’m so glad Denise chose it as her excerpt.

So, without further nonsense from me, here’s an exclusive excerpt from Chapter 1 of His Premier.

tco exclusive

Involuntarily, Colin’s gaze was drawn back to the dancer and his breath caught as he executed a series of flawless pirouettes across the stage. Each muscle seemed to flow into the next and the effect was stunning. The beauty he’d seen before wasn’t a trick of the light, it really did glow from within, and Colin knew that neither his family name nor their social standing would impress someone so vibrant.

His grandmother nudged him gently and teased, “Don’t look now, Colin, but I think you’ve been spotted.”

Colin hadn’t been able to stop looking, taking in every inch from the dark waves of hair all the way down to those flying feet, but he’d been trying to avoid staring at the dancer’s face. The mysteriously dark eyes, high cheekbones, and full lips came together in a way that might be considered delicate and feminine at first glance. Anyone smart enough to take a closer look would see the masculinity in the dancer’s face and form, though Colin imagined he spent most of his life being picked on for being a pretty boy by those too ignorant to see beneath the surface.

It was self-preservation that made him look anywhere else, but now he had no choice but to see that the dancer appeared to be looking right at him. There was excitement in that dark gaze, no doubt a lingering effect of the performance, but there was also interest there. Could that interest be directed at him? The room was filled with dancers, volunteers, family members, and other donors, and Colin immediately looked over his shoulder to see who he was really looking at. Most of the audience was looking in the general direction of the stage, but none really stood out as paying any more attention than the next.

“Do you think…?” Colin began as he faced forward again, the question trailing away in the wake of the obvious amusement on the dancer’s face. Normally, he didn’t like being the source of anyone’s amusement, but he was too enraptured by the hands gesturing for him to come down to the side of the stage to care.

“Me?” he mouthed, pointing to himself even though he felt foolish. He’d feel even more foolish if he went down there only to realize the dancer was gesturing to someone else.

Another amused smile and a brief nod were all the encouragement he needed to jump up and push his way out of the row. Once he was free, he forced himself to walk naturally. Appearing overeager would give the dancer power over him, something else his father warned against. Whatever might come of this little introduction, he had to maintain the upper hand.

When he reached the stage, he noticed the dancer had been stopped by someone with a clipboard. A quick hand signal asked him to wait. Though he wasn’t used to waiting on anyone, Colin shoved his hands in his pockets and leaned against the wall as casually as he could. The dancer was here for a reason and it wasn’t to meet him. Being understanding of that would only make him look good in the long term.

His patience was rewarded when the dancer jumped from the stage and crossed the distance between them, stepping closer than Colin was used to. Before he could offer his hand and a formal introduction, the dancer was demanding, “Did you love it? I mean…it’s only rehearsals, but you seemed really into the dance and I really wanted you to love it. Did you? Would you change anything? Oh man, my manners suck, don’t they? But I really, really want this, you know? For so long and…well, shit, man, I really wanted you to love it.”

The rush of words stopped abruptly as the dancer took a deep breath and Colin was completely entranced. So entranced that he forgot to play it cool. “I really, really loved it. It was perfect. You were perfect.”

Colin had never seen anyone look so happy, had never been the cause of anyone’s happiness before, and wished he knew more words to describe what he felt so he could continue to bask in that joy.

The dancer inched even closer and Colin could feel the heat coming off his vibrating body. “Really, really? You’re not just saying that cause you think I’m hot?”

“I’m not just saying that because I think you’re hot.” Too late, Colin realized the trap for what it was, but then the dancer was laughing and the sound was the sweetest thing he’d ever heard. “Fishing much?”

“I was totally fishing!” Unrepentant, the dancer laughed again and grabbed Colin up in a tight, sweaty hug. The people Colin knew shook hands, maybe offered the occasional pat on the back, but they did not hug someone within an inch of their lives. His own arms hung uselessly at his sides, uncertain what they were supposed to be doing.

Instead of being put off by Colin’s slow response, the dancer grabbed him by the wrists and guided his arms into position around an impossibly slender waist. Never in his life had anyone physically taken a hug from him, especially not a total stranger. Not even a hot one. He liked it.

denise review

No one writes emotionally damaged men in situations that are not a quick fix to alleviate quite like Jessie G. She manages quite often to take one moment in time and turn it into a lifetime of pain, loneliness, despair. Then the character likely will be just living day by day. Somehow she then manages to turn it into at least an HFN, if not my favorite, an HEA.

Colin is that type of man. He made one mistake, one many of us made at that same age without the dire consequences, and turned it into a lifetime of penance and remorse. Going from being rich and having it all, to the depths of grief, all while managing to still support the people who’ve been supportive for him since his release. He mourned his loss of love, yet felt he deserved no better.

What I enjoyed the most about this story was being allowed to read Colin’s healing, page by page. Jessie G did an amazing job with this. She didn’t allow Colin’s character to suddenly be okay with himself, with allowing himself to love again, or even his choices. Arnaud coming back into Colin’s life began the cycle of healing that Colin needed. Merely because Arnaud decided Colin had had long enough to wallow in his choices, he took the reins and pushed Colin to finally face him. The reader then watched Colin come back slowly to as healthy a human being as he could in the limited pages of the book. (I’ve already told Jessie she needs to write a follow up, which she “might” have already been planning.)

Arnaud lived his dreams, traveling, dancing for dignitaries on the grandest of stages. Yet in the end, he needed to find his way back to Miami, and Colin, to begin the next phase of his life. I loved that about him. He didn’t give up his dreams to be with the man he wanted. He lived them, waited patiently, and then pushed forward to bring new visions for himself and the life he wanted with Colin to life.

This was a beautiful love story about growing as a person, forging love despite harsh mistakes, and forgiving yourself even when it’s against what you believe you are worthy of. Their love never died, only Colin’s ability to believe he was good enough. He grew to believe that, as much as he could, therefore he allowed himself to love again. The reader can see that he has a long way to go, but with so much support and love behind him, he has a huge jumpstart.

I highly recommend you read the entire series first, although it can definitely be read as a stand alone. But your enjoyment of Colin’s transformation will be that much better. And a definite re-read! J

4.5 pieces of eye candy for me







Sizzling Miami Series




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meet the author

Like many readers, the dream of being a writer has been with me a long time. After three decades of trying, I’d begun to doubt. Thanks to social media, I followed my favorite authors hoping to glean some words of wisdom as I pounded out half-formed ideas with alarming regularity. Two repetitive themes emerged: To be a great writer you must read a lot and your butt must be in the chair every day like it’s a job. The more you write, the easier it will be to write and the better you will be at writing. I took that advice to heart and write every day. With three series in the works and counting, it’s been amazing to have made this dream my reality.

I am a firm believer in marriage equality, love at first sight, power dynamics and happily ever after. I’m a lover of strong secondary characters and series filled with families, biological or chosen. All are themes you’ll find throughout my books.


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