Book Review: Stay by Riley Hart

Today, Two Chicks Obsessed with Books and Eye Candy is profiling STAY by Riley Hart. 

This is the second book in the Blackcreek series, following Collide which was released last year.

Wes Jensen just lost the sister who raised him, and gained custody of his niece. The last thing he needs to add to his full plate is dealing with Braden Roth, the one-night-stand who continues to try to push his way into Wes’s life. He has a kid to raise now, and Wes isn’t great at getting close anyway. 

Braden has never had a woman or a man sneak out on him the morning after. From the start, Wes intrigues him, and Braden isn’t one to deny himself something he wants. And he wants Wes. The more time he spends with Wes and the little girl who constantly keeps them on their toes, the more Braden realizes this isn’t just about getting the guy who walked away. 

As their lives intertwine more and more, Wes discovers Braden isn’t as shallow as he thought. But after everything Wes lost in his life, he isn’t sure he can risk his heart, and truly want Braden to stay—and if he did, would Wes’s quiet life be enough for Braden?

Denise’s Review:

I found Riley Hart’s books when I came across Collide.  I went on to read Broken Pieces after delaying it for a while (not sure why, and boy was I wrong to wait!!!).  So, I waited ever so impatiently for Stay to come out.

We got to see the  Wes and Braden’s first interaction, a one night stand, during Collide.  And they both expected that that would be the extent of their interactions.  At the time, Wes was losing his beloved sister Chelle, and dealing with the fact that he would be taking over custody of her four year old child, Jessie.  And Braden?  Well, Braden was always out just for a good time.

When Stay begins, Wes has lost his sister, and is now coping with how to make this transition to becoming Jessie’s full time caregiver, find a job, and work through the grief over losing Chelle.  What he did NOT want was a relationship with Braden.  Neither was looking for a relationship.

However, Wes needed some help with Jessie, and Braden was able to provide that help.  Assisting with daycare for Jessie, and taking care of some of the little things.  Braden really fell in love with Jessie before he fell in love with Wes. 

What I enjoyed most was the slow burn.  Although, they picked up in the same place, with their previous interactions, their emotional interactions really took time.  It was not instantaneous that they were able to make the emotional connections.  It was the little things that came together to make that happen.  Yes, of course, there were issues to overcome, but the biggest issue was Wes realizing that it was okay to not only love someone outside the family, but also to need and want that person.

“I haven’t let myself give a shit about anyone besides my family for a
long time, Braden, but you’re here…pushing your way in.”

What a beautiful love story this was.  This book was not just about a story between two men.  This book was a story about two men finding a way to make themselves a family in every sense of the word.

My final rating was 4.5 pieces of eye candy.  I would have loved so much more of Wes and Braden (Braden’s cocky attitude and smart mouth were awesome!!!).

Val’s Review:
What can I say: I absolutely loved this book and highly recommend it .
We start off with Wes who has been left custody of his feisty four year of niece Jessie after his older sister Chelle died. Wes is very closed off feels he’s not worthy of anyone’s love and afraid to give his heart after losing so many people in his life he’s loved .
In comes Braden. Braden is fun-loving, takes life as it is and very quick witted (sometimes putting his foot in his mouth).
Wes and Braden had a one night drunken fling which for Wes was just a release from his pain of losing his sister. Braden on the other hand could not get Wes out of his head, always pushing Wes’s buttons trying to reach him. Jessie plays a great part in reuniting these two. I won’t say more you will have to read to find out if Braden’s persistent attitude finally breaks the thick walls Wes has built around his heart. 
This is a beautiful story in which you get to hear from previous characters Cooper and Noah and meet Mason who will be highlighted in the next book . Take the journey through this story. It definitely earned a full 5 pieces of eye candy.

Favorite Quotes:

“You’re thinking too hard over there. What’s up?” he put a hand on Wes’s leg.
Wes didn’t pause, just opened his mouth and said one word. “Stay.”

“You’re the guy who’s good as hell with my niece. The guy who would help out a friend because it’s the right thing to do. And I’ll admit you’re right. You’re the guy who’s good at both f**king me and making me laugh.”

“Who said I’d want to have sex with you in the shower?”
“Me. I even wanted to have sex with myself when I took one this morning. I’m irresistible like that.”

Bonus Scene (don’t read until you have read Stay!!!):

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