Book Review and Giveaway!!!: The Sergeant by Christa Tomlinson

Well, where to start?  What would Dr. Suess say?  At the beginning!
I will tell you that I had no idea this book was coming out.  I found it on a sister blog, Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews (which if you don’t follow them, you are seriously missing out!!!!) go check them out, right now!  Go ahead, I’ll wait!!!  Okay, now that you are back…The Sergeant  was mentioned in their new release blog post them put out for M/M releases over each weekend-my favorite email I get on Saturdays, I’ll tell you! I read the blurb (never underestimate the power of a good blurb), and I was immediately on Amazon one clicking like a total fan-girl-yes, I purchased the book, I did not receive an ARC.  That being said, I was in the middle of another two books and had to wait until I got to NYC to start reading it while I was on vacation.  Well, if you have ever been to NYC, you know that you will be taking lots of subway trips, which we did, and my phone was out every second I could to get that book read.  I could NOT put it down!!!  I seriously read it every single extra moment I had, fortunately, the hubby was kind enough to pull me out of traffic if I wasn’t paying close enough attention to the world around me, which I usually was not.
The premise of this book is a SWAT team based in Texas, the Sergeant, Logan, is a former Marine and Dom who has never collared anyone, because he has always wanted Clay, a Corporal on his SWAT team to be his submissive.  Clay is bisexual and never has been in a relationship longer than a few months, a smartass guy who loves to have fun, but works his tail off.  A former Navy man, with some issues from his past, he has no idea that he is submissive. One night they kiss and everything changes.  They enter into a D/s relationship that is intense to say the least.                                       “You’re the only one I want to control. The only one whose submission I want, need, crave, with every part of me, every second of every day.  I don’t ever want to be with anyone else.”
Logan’s Marine tattoo
Back when I was a reader of m/f regularly, I read a lot of D/s books, and enjoyed many of them.  There are some fantastic authors out there who really have done some research into the lifestyle.  I was seriously impressed with the manner which Ms. Tomlinson portrayed their relationship.  And it was not just in the sex scenes (which were super SUPER SUPER H-O-T-!-!-!-!, by the way) but also in how their relationship moved into that realm, and progressed.  It wasn’t instantaneous, it was a command here, a strong look there, which progressed to many of the things that would later become sticking points for Clay.
“Tell me right now, what you want.” He slowed his thrusts even more, dragging his cock out of Clay’s hot, gripping channel before pushing back in at the same deliberately slow speed. “Do you want me to go faster?”
Clay shook his head and opened his eyes to look up at Logan. “I want…oh god…I want whatever you want, Sir,” he gasped.
Fuck! Logan loved hearing those words from Clay and they set him off like nothing else could have.
Because Clay had never been submissive before-he was a strong SWAT team member, after all-he really didn’t believe that he had it in him.  Later questioning whether he truly was, or if he wanted to be.  And this to me was the most believable part of the story.  Ms. Tomlinson gave these two men real emotions and real questions about a lifestyle that many consider “kinky” and “perverted”.  This lifestyle is not for everyone, and you have to be able to accept yourself as you are, and be open to what your needs are.  If not, it can lead to problems.  This was portrayed so well in this book.  I felt like the author really GOT that Clay was having issues with believing that he should be in this type of relationship, despite all the good feelings he felt while he was in it.
The characters were so well drawn in their current lives, including the supporting characters, you really felt that you understood why the issues were there, and couldn’t fathom how they could get around those issues to find their HEA. I found myself reading this book completely as a fan, not trying to find good quotes until late in the book.  Just enjoying an amazing story that riveted me from beginning to end.  It was not a “cry” book…well, I might have shed a tear or two, but it could have been my allergies…but what it was was REAL.  You wanted things to work out, because you had two people who you liked as people, and obviously were meant to be together, trying to find their way into the right relationships for themselves. 
Clay took a deep breath and then slowly sank to his knees.  His talk with Carlos had cleared his head and opened his eyes. He wanted to be with Logan and the only reason he was holding back was because of fear. But he’d never lived his life in fear before and he wasn’t about to start now. Not with something as important as his relationship with this man on the line.
This is a definite re-read, and there are only a handful of books (well more like authors) for me that are automatic re-reads.  I’m not sure if there is another book coming, but judging from the great work done on this book, I would pick up any future work by this author.
Now, here at Two Chicks Obsessed, our rating system is 0-5 pieces of eye candy.  If I could, I would give this book about 10 pieces of eye candy, and not regret it at all.  (okay, so it’s my blog, I will!)

On top of all this, I sent a crazy fan-girl message to the author about 30% into the book telling her how much I loved it, and she was kind enough to reply with her playlist (check it out, quite cool!) and her Pintrest page of pics having to do with The Sergeant.  And on top if it, she was generous enough to offer up THREE e-books for readers…so see rafflecopter entry below. Thank you, Christa for your generosity!!!

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So, have you started reading it yet?  Okay, I get it, you are waiting until you see if you won the book…well, don’t, get started now, and then if you win, you can just gift the book to a friend!  :p

Until next time, peace, and may a little M/M love cross your e-reader.


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