Grif believes he’ll live his life as a virgin. After all, who would want him? How could anyone find him, a guy who came with less than man-sized equipment, worthy of their love?

What he hadn’t counted on were the two amazing men who would change his life. After entering college, he meets Tate, his fun-loving, roommate. While years later, with Tate now just a memory, Wes, a handsome, rugged ex-marine who runs his own security firm enters his life.

Both men lead Grif through a twisted mesh of pleasure, pain, and denial, as they force him to see his value, despite his size and insecurities.

Denise’s Review:

I will start by saying, this book is definitely not going to be for everyone. When I emailed the author he was very careful to mention (more than once to his credit) that there were lots of instances of degradation in this book. And he was absolutely correct. So, if that is not for you, this is not a book for you.

However, that being said, I didn’t think the instances were horrific, by any means-I have read worse. They were realistic for someone who quite possibly might have a problem such as this, much smaller than average penis, and Grif found that his way of coping was to deal with the humiliation of take care of another, suffering orgasm denial (self inflicted or by another) and being called what to many would be very inappropriate names. There was a lot of that, but that wasn’t all this story was about.

This was about a man who, despite having a small penis, was able to find his way in life to become a confident man, a sexual being, and how that came to be.

The book is told without being linear. The book started in Fall of 2013, then quickly regressed to the 1990s, back to 2004, on to 2013, and back again. If that is hard to follow for you, this book may be a challenge. For me, it definitely was a challenge, but it was actually a challenge I enjoyed. I found that it made me really think about why certain things happened, and watch to see if those questions were answered or not.

I will not deny that several of the degradation scenes or comments were difficult at times. I found myself swallowing, maybe even taking a break from the book for a short time, then heading back. However, in the end this book was a love story, unconventional, no doubt, but a love story in the end. Grif loved two men (not at the same time), and this book showed how he was able to use that love to sustain him and grow as a person.

There were some very significant editing issues in this book. I did bring one major issue to the attention of the author, but just in general I felt that the editor of this book missed too many things for me to be able to give this book a 5 pieces of eye candy rating. The story was fantastic, though, and I honestly am looking forward to the second book in this series.

Final determination is 4.5 pieces of eye candy. Pick this book up!

Author Bio:
Joseph is a born and raised Southern Californian—with a twenty-year stint of living in the Midwest. He loves the laid-back lifestyle of San Diego and considers himself lucky to live where people dream of vacationing.

A lifelong reader of m/m fiction, he began his writing career one night sitting at his MacBook and has never looked back. He writes to bring the characters he dreams about to life.

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