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Book Blurb:

Another hot guy
from Greenwich Village is about to meet his match. That is, if he doesn’t mess
things up…this time. 

After the failure of his relationship with
Jeremy, Andrew Jamieson threw himself into a routine his high powered job on
Wall Street and workouts. After two years, however, he is unable to quell the
longing in his heart for that special someone. Feeling hopeless, Andrew resigns
himself to life of work and living alone in his pent house apartment. That is,
until he’s fixed up with Peter, the local bartender in Jeremy’s favorite
watering hole in the East Village. Peter is hot, sweet, sensitive
and…masterful. Peter brings out a side of Andrew he never knew he had. And he
can’t get enough. However, the same difficulties Andrew had with Jeremy
threaten to rear up and ruin his chances with Peter. Will Andrew love Peter
enough to let himself have the one guy in the world who could be meant for him? 

Book Title:  Meant For
Author: D.H. Starr
Publisher:  Ai Press (October 1, 2014)
Book Length: 203 pages
Genre: Gay romance; M/M romance

Denise’s Review:

This book is second in a series by D.H. Starr, and features Andrew, who in the first book was the dumped lover of Jeremy, and Peter, the bartender from The Phoenix.

As we find these characters two years later, Jeremy has it in his head to fix Andrew and Peter up, because he feels that their personalities will be the perfect offset to each other.  Uncomfortable with the situation at first, Andrew runs away when the situation becomes too close for comfort, and he feels out of control. Meanwhile, Peter is left wondering what it is he has done wrong, and if this is something worth pursuing.

The men slowly begin to make their way towards each other, backing off a little when things become too involved, but finding that they really do need each other in their lives. Where Andrew needs control in his professional life, he in turn finds he wants to BE controlled in his personal life, something he never had or wanted in his eight years with Jeremy. Meanwhile, Peter has always been the nice guy, says yes always, and finds that taking control in his personal life, gives him the impetus he needs to take control of his future.

Andrew and Peter seemed to really be able to find their way towards one another, slowly and with careful thought. Andrew trying to keep himself from trying to change Peter, while still wanting him to succeed in following his dreams.

Sweet romance, with personal internal angst, some hot sex scenes (the one at the gym leads to some HOT stuff!!!) and of course my favorite, and HEA, with a final determination of four pieces of eye candy.

R-Rated Excerpt:

exercise tormented a distinct part of his body. There was precision to the work
as he focused within, as if he were able to command individual cells to do
their part. Mechanically he progressed from core to limbs as he broke down
muscle tissue so it could build back up even stronger.  
one hour passed and the next was well underway, Andrew continued his circuits
until he’d stretched and pulled every fiber of himself. He finished his workout
with a thirty minute run on the treadmill. 
done, he stepped off the machine, panting. He ran an internal check, trying to
sense any lingering stress.  
mind was blessedly clear as he carried himself down the stairs to shower and
change. There were just as many men as when he’d arrived earlier, but Andrew
wasn’t focused on them. The ache from his workout still throbbed in his body
and the penetrating heat of the steam room beckoned him. 
made quick work of undressing, aware of the glances he received but ignoring
them. With a skimpy towel, which seemed to be a staple at all sports clubs,
barely clinging to his hips, he entered the small tiled area. Immediately
assaulted by thick billows of vapor, Andrew stood in the middle of the room
gaining his bearings. Slowly, he was able to make images along the benches. He
worked his way to an empty spot where he could have some space.  
were two guys just to his right stroking each other’s cocks. Their eyes were
fixated on the objects in their hands. When the man closest to Andrew leaned
over and took the second guys cock in his mouth, Andrew closed his eyes and
leaned his head back against the wall. 
several minutes he simply breathed in and out through his nose. The door opened
and closed a few times and the slurping noises next to him continued, but
Andrew pushed each distraction aside, focusing on the wet heat in the room. As
little as two or three months earlier, he would have watched. Maybe even
participated. But meaningless encounters held no appeal to him any longer. 
image of Peter flashed behind his closed lids, along with the imagined
statement he’d made in Andrew’s fantasy. Let me take care of you. Andrew didn’t need anyone to take care of him. I know what you want. Andrew didn’t even know what he wanted. How
could anyone else? 
snapped his eyed open and noticed a man leaned against the wall next to him.
Each muscle stood out along his powerful frame and, as Andrew surveyed the
physical prowess, he couldn’t help the way his eyes fell naturally to the man’s
groin. Long fingers of one hand cupped the package, rubbing gently and doing
virtually nothing to hide the sizable lump hidden beneath the towel. 
the steam blurred Andrew’s vision, he could tell the man was staring at him in
open invitation. Had this been another time, if he hadn’t become so aware of
his isolation, Andrew would have allowed his covering to slide open and his
dick to lay bare for the man to see. He might even allow his hand to drift
towards his groin, playing with himself. But none of those impulses or desires
surfaced. Instead, Andrew closed his eyes once again, shutting out the obvious
the pass was enough to stimulate Andrew’s thoughts. And the more he tried to
concentrate on breathing and relaxing spent muscles, the more his thoughts
closed in until they captured one thing.  
one day, the man had managed to wedge his way past the walls Andrew’d constructed to hold his desires at bay. And in
another day Andrew would have a chance to see the guy in action at the gym. At
least he hoped so. After the way he fled Jeremy and Craig’s he wouldn’t be
surprised if Peter backed out. Heaviness settled in his chest. Why should he
care? He barely even knew the guy. Even if he’d met him a few times and admired
him at Phoenix, there was no good reason why he should care if Peter broke
their date. 
that what their meeting at the gym was? A date? Andrew closed his eyes once
again. He wondered whether Peter would wear a tee-shirt or a tank. Did he wear
sports clothing like Adidas or Nike, or did he simply work out in plain cotton?
Did he wear a jock or underwear?  
question brought new pictures with it and Andrew slid his hand towards his
cock, rubbing at the growing bulge. With his palm, he created friction using
the rough material covering his skin. His breathing became slightly heavier. 
what he was doing, Andrew opened his eyes to find Mr. Beefcake, who’d stood
next to him. He’d moved and was now located directly in front of Andrew, his
towel slung over his shoulder. 
gasped, surprised to see the man standing before him. The giant lowered himself
to his knees and reached to unhitch Andrew’s towel. 
was as if a light had been switched on. Andrew stood and brushed past the man,
exiting the steam room and wincing at the rush of cool air against his skin.
Securing the towel on his hips, Andrew scampered to his locker and made quick
work of dressing. 
        The whole time, one question screamed inside
his head. Why didn’t I let that guy blow me? The man was hotter than hell and looked like
he was ready to provide Hoover action on Andrew’s cock. Yet something had
recoiled at the idea of letting someone touch him in that empty, purely
physical way. 

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D.H. Starr is a product of the 80s who should have grown up in the
60s and wishes he could travel through time to visit the Ancient Romans and
Greeks so he could wear togas and be considered in-style. He loves to torment
his characters before giving them their happy ending, enjoying the way they
struggle and change from beginning to end. On his off-time, he can be found
parading naked through the woods, searching for mystical creatures who he
swears do exist. Once he finds the portal to their world that will be the last
you see of him. His favorite quote comes from the musical Rent, “No day but
today” and he loves the song Seasons of Love because its message is so true.
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  1. I enjoyed reading your insightful review and I am grateful for a chance to win an ecopy of Meant for Him and Meant for Each Other.

    I love a sexy story with a touch of angst and I am intrigued to find out how these two men finally connect, especially under the watchful eye of Andrew's ex. It is also interesting that whilst Jeremy did not need Andrew's push to succeed he can sense that Andrew is actually what Peter needs and visa versa. Nice eye candy covers as well 🙂